About us

Dream Roof in Toronto, a young and growing company, works on the roofing materials market and has extensive experience in solving the most difficult tasks. Starting by the elementary supply of material, finishing with the manufacture of complex roofing structures.

The quality of the products is guaranteed by the world’s largest producer of metal tiles, ArcelorMittal, which is the world leader in the production of steel.

ArcelorMittal Working with leading manufacturers allows our company to respond quickly to market changes in the market. The best conditions from the manufacturing plants provide good prices for our customers.

A large warehouse stock of raw materials makes it possible to respond quickly to the needs of customers, and the availability of its own fleet of vehicles allows you to reduce the cost of delivery to the minimum and make the time of deliver that you specified. Our products will help to realize the uniqueness of your ideas. Experienced engineers will prompt the solution to any of the most difficult problems, starting with the elementary calculation of the roof, the preparation of design estimates, finishing with the production of a three-dimensional project linked to the terrain, and the masters will produce these complex products in the shortest possible time.

In pricing, we adhere to the following principle: our prices are no more than the competitors’ prices for similar goods of similar quality, the individual approach and the availability of our own production allows us to flexibly approach the needs of customers, which naturally leads to lower prices. It is clear that competitors can change prices, and we do not immediately notice this, so we ask you to inform us about such situations. We will sell you the goods in accordance with our above stated principle.

Cooperation with us will save you from the need for unnecessary waste of time and money.