Are Metal Roofs Safe?

Metal roofing is gaining popularity with homeowners around the world for its attractive looks, variety of styles, long-lasting durability, and overall safety when it comes to fire resistance and even lightning strikes. But if you still have questions about the ruggedness and safety of a metal roof, the metal roofing experts at Dream Roof have put together this comprehensive review of everything having to do with steel roofing safety for your peace of mind.

Metal Roofs Fire Resistance Rating

Metal roofing is virtually the best roofing material when it comes to preventing fires. Designated with a “Class A” rating, metal roofing has the industry’s highest rating when it comes to fire resistance and preventing damage from lightning strikes. Other roofing materials like asphalt shingles can be incredibly flammable; a fire can easily be triggered by the intense heat that lightning brings with it. 

But metal roofing on the other hand absorbs power from the lightning strike and spreads it out, making it a safer roofing alternative. That’s why some tall skyscrapers have tall metal points, so the lightning is absorbed safely and directed away from the building’s occupants. If you live in a place where there are a lot of lightning storms, you might want to seriously consider a metal roof for your home or business.

Fire Ratings for Other Roofing Materials

Old Asphalt shingles curl

Asphalt Shingles

Because they are the cheapest roofing material available, asphalt shingles tend to be the most popular choice for homeowners.

However, because they are a product made from petroleum, they tend to be quite flammable and are prone to catching fire struck directly by lightning. They are not recommended for people who live in lightning-prone areas.

Clay or Concrete Tiles

An excellent choice if your primary concern is fire resistance. Clay and concrete, like metal, both carry a “Class A” rating. However, there are other factors to consider when mulling over concrete or clay for your roof. Unlike metal, clay and concrete tiles are very delicate.

They can easily be destroyed by simply walking on them. So if you live in a region with regular hail or threats from hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions, you should avoid this option. This is why you’ll most often find clay tiles on roofs of homes in very hot and dry climates with virtually zero precipitation.

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Wood Shingles or Shake 

Of course, using wood on a roof is one of the worst choices if you are worried about fire prevention. You need to add extra treatments and fire-resistant materials to achieve a higher safety rating. And even then, there’s no guarantee that an insurance company would offer coverage for a home with a roof made from wooden shake or shingles.

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of lightning and inclement weather, you’ll want to avoid anything having to do with wooden roofing materials.

Best Roofing Material Against Lightning

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Metal roof installation experts everywhere agree that metal is the absolute best roofing material you can select when it comes to durability, strength, fire resistance and quality.

It’s non-combustible and conducts electricity, meaning you are much safer under a metal roof during a thunderstorm in your area. Most metal roofs come with a “Class A” rating and there’s almost nothing it can’t handle when it comes to Mother Nature.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

So, how long do metal roofs last? Most people say this is the reason why they choose metal roofing over any other material because it’s probably the last roof they’ll ever install.

Metal roofs are expected to have an average lifespan of 50 years compared to traditional asphalt shingles which might last 20 years at the most. Metal roofs can stand up to almost any amount of wind, snow, ice and rain.

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Environmentally friendly: Each year, billions of pounds worth of asphalt shingles are sent to landfills across North America. This is bad for the environment. But on the other hand, metal roofs are much better for the world. To begin with, they are made in part from recycled materials and can be recycled again at the end of their lifespan.

Metal roofing is also conducive to other sustainability projects including the installation of solar panels or rainwater collection systems. Also, because metal roofs are so light, you can install them over your existing asphalt shingles, delaying their inevitable journey to the landfill for years to come.

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Energy efficient: Even if you pay a little more money for a new metal roof, you will make back some of the cost in terms of the money you’ll save on your monthly utility bills. Instead of absorbing all that hot summer sun, metal roofs reflect many of the UV rays, meaning your home stays cooler for longer.

And you’re less likely to have to crank up the air conditioner during a heat wave. There are additional coatings you can have added to your metal roof to increase the efficiency of this excellent feature.

Stylish metal roofs: When you think of a metal roof, you might automatically think of the corrugated metal sheets that they place on top of tool sheds and barns. But metal roofing has advanced so much more with an endless selection of colours, patterns, and textures for homeowners to choose from.

There are even metal roofs that mimic the look of traditional shingles or attractive-looking clay shingles — but you still get all the durability benefits that a metal roof has to offer.

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