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Spring eaves cleaning is an essential part of your regular house maintenance. Winter, unlike any other season, adds extra stress to your house eavestroughs. With heavy winter snows in Ontario, freezing temperatures, water freezing and melting your roof is under extra pressure, so are your gutters. Even though you did your regular cleaning in fall to remove leaves and branches – after a long and cold winter you need to look after your eavestroughs yet again.

Seasonal Gutter Maintenance Services

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Chances are your roof is not that easily accessible in winter for you or service technicians to be able to remove snow – and during severe season snow accumulation can reach up to a couple of feet. In addition to direct weight from the snow, as it melts, it shifts all the weight to the edges of an of the roof and eaves, where it freezes again sometimes creating ice buildup, or as we call it, icicles sometimes few feet in length, and prevents melting water from going down the gutters and downspouts,  continuing weight buildup on the perimeter. In addition, water fills in tiniest cracks and once it freezes expands and opens them up.

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Even if you had eaves guards – they are little help in this situation and might be even shifted or bent by ice. In early spring some birds and smaller animals start building nests and often gutters are one of their popular choices.

This is why spring eaves cleaning has to be performed by professionals. It takes expertise to identify major stress problems, cracks, and potential surface problems that might lead to bigger water drainage problems if not attended to on time. Along with cleaning our experts will be able to conduct a detailed inspection and determine water drainage problems, leaks, disconnected components, cracks and other damages. We can offer prompt repair services right on the spot.

Eavestrough Spring Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Accumulation from winter debris cleaned
  2. Eavestroughs examined: all connection points, joints, connection to downspouts
  3. Problem areas identified
  4. Eavestroughs guards fixed and are back in place

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