How Metal Roofing is Green and Eco-Friendly

Preventing climate change starts with making conscious steps to reduce energy consumption and use more sustainable products. When doing this, if there is an option that can also look good too then that’s all the better! Metal roofing is one of the best ways to achieve this at home. Not only are you improving the look of your home with metal roofing, but you are also achieving lifelong savings with a roof that is designed to last. 
Metal roofs today are no longer drab and grey. They are available in a variety of trendy colours to enhance the look and value of your home. They can also be customized to reflect other roof styles, so you can ensure the look and aesthetic of your home are maintained. Let’s look at the many ways that a green metal roof can create a more energy-efficient living space.

A metal roof is not only sustainable, but it also helps reduce your energy bills by better regulating your home’s temperature. A metal roof is the most effective way to create an energy-efficient home that fits your budget. 

There are several different types of metal roofs:

  • Aluminum Roofing: Lightweight and does not corrode
  • Copper Roofing: Long-lasting and changes colour with age to give a luxurious and eye-catching aesthetic. 
  • Tin Roofing: Now known as a steel roof. 
  • Zinc Roofing: Long-lasting and more luxurious roofing material. Will patina over time. Excellent choice for executive homes. 
  • Metal or Steel: Available in a variety of finishes.

Metal and the Environment

Metal roof energy savings starts with a better understanding of how it affects the environment, both inside and outside of your home. Metal roofing is designed to be durable and stand up to a variety of temperatures and weather. You can also feel confident knowing that your metal roof will stand up to the harshest elements including snow, ice, hail, and windstorms. 

Metal roofs are made from raw materials and post-consumer products, so you are not just getting a traditional building material, but something that is helping reduce the amount of waste in landfills. This will have long-term benefits on both the environment and your home’s lifespan. 

Reduced Waste

Lightweight metal roof tiles can be installed over existing roof materials, making them an affordable solution to a total roof replacement. This also creates an extra layer of insulation and an effective sound barrier. The life expectancy of a metal roof is more than 50 years, so you are also reducing the amount of waste created over time that is usually associated with shingles or clay tiles.

Simply put, your metal roof should last well into the future and any replacement required is simply a matter of tearing off and recycling the waste created. 

Recycled Content

An eco metal roof is a perfect choice for homeowners who want to make a positive impact on the environment. Unlike traditional roofing options which are made from oil-based products and have a shorter life span, metal roofs are made from 25 percent to 95 percent recycled material.

This makes them an effective solution to reducing waste and lowering the consumption of new materials.


Dark metal roof with snow guards

Don’t let the name fool you. A metal roof is lightweight, easy to install, and doesn’t require extra support for your ceiling or house frame. A lightweight metal roof is an exceptionally stable and study material to use in your home. Asphalt weighs approximately 2lbs per square foot on average, while slate weighs 6 lbs per square foot.

Concrete can weigh upwards of 9lbs per square foot. This makes metal roofing the uncompromising choice at just ¾ to 1.5 pounds per square foot. Being so lightweight also means there is less cost associated with installation since there is less need for additional structural support and lowers consumption with less wood required for frames too.

Energy Efficiency

Metal Roof Snow Guards

You may be wondering, ‘Is a metal roof energy efficient?’. The answer is a resounding yes. Heat retention is minimized because metal reflects nearly 70 percent of the sun’s energy. This means buildings are transferring less heat creating a more comfortable living environment. In fact, metal roofs sustain nearly 35 percent less heat than asphalt shingles. 

Why does this happen? A metal roof is reflective and reduces the creation of a Heat Island. This is a common phenomenon in cities, where it can be up to eight degrees warmer than in the countryside. This plays a negative role in generating serious levels of smog and pollution, making living conditions in urban areas unbearable during the summer months. Metal roofs mitigate this environmental strain, creating a cool and comfortable living environment both inside and outside your home.

Longevity and Durability

metal roof project

We have already mentioned just some of the ways you can expect to get a long life out of your metal roof. Between metal roof energy savings and efficiency and durable manufacturing, you can expect countless years out of your metal roof. You are getting a roof that exceeds performance and strength expectations.

Unlike conventional roofs which need to be replaced every 15 years, a metal roof can protect your home for up to 50 years. This means standing up to the harshest environments, from driving rain to strong winds. This means exceptional savings as your metal roof adds value to your home and keeps money in your pocket.

Metal Roof Energy Efficiency 

Choosing an eco-friendly roof is the best way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The professional roof installers at Dream Roof can help you find the right solution for your home. We offer a large selection of lightweight metal roof options that not only improve the look of your home, but create a more sustainable living environment for you and your family. We are fully licensed and insured, so you can feel confident you are working with the highest level of professionalism and service. Our roofing experts do complete installation and service, so you never have to worry about finding contractors or doing the heavy lifting. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and the finest quality materials. 

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