Metal Roof Colour: Know What to Choose

metal roof sheet with different paint colours

When it comes to selecting the right colour for your metal roof, the sheer number of options on the market can create a predicament for any property owner.  And like choosing anything else, there are a number of factors to keep in mind when considering the best metal roof colour for your house. 

How to Choose the Right Metal Roof Colour for Your Property

Although it can be tricky to make the right colour choice for your metal roof, we have some tips that will help you decide.

Take Cues from Your Neighborhood

The first thing you should note is the colour people in your neighborhood have chosen for their metal roofing. This will give you an idea of any trends that are out there, and help you narrow down your personal preference.

This is important because you want to make sure that whatever colour you decide on for your metal roofing compliments the area surrounding your home and neighborhood. 

Metal Roof Designs and Energy Efficiency

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Did you know that your metal roof colour and style affect more than just the aesthetics of your home? The colour you decide on also impacts the energy efficiency of your home. A lighter metal roof colour will reflect the heat from the sun much more effectively than a darker colour. This, in turn, will protect your home against extreme heat. On the other hand, a darker coloured metal roof conducts heat better and will keep your home warmer in colder temperatures.

If you live in a generally warm area for most of the year, a light-coloured metal roof is perfect for your house. If you live in a place that is predominantly colder, consider a darker colour for your steel roof.

A Match Made in Roof Heaven

Any changes you make on your property should compliment the overall design of your home. This is something to keep in mind with every home remodelling endeavour, and your roof is no exception. Whether you decide to go with building a colour combination or opt for a solid colour pattern, your selection should blend in with the style of your home.

Selecting the Right Type of Paint

Paint selection is as equally important as colour selection when it comes to metal roofing. Since your roof will be exposed to various types of weather elements, choosing high-quality paint is key to maintaining a fresh look over the years.

The paint you choose should be treated with a special acrylic resin that blocks ultraviolet light. UV rays can be detrimental to the longevity and the colour of your roof over time. Another tip to add an extra layer of protection to your metal roof is to add paint varnish to seal the colour. 

Here Comes the Sun

metal roof colour in sun

Remember the sun will affect the way your roof looks, so it is a good idea to assess your proposed colour at different times of the day. What will your roof colour look like in the morning compared to midday or sunset? How will the colour look on a sunny day versus a cloudy day? This may be a good test to determine if the colour you like on the colour chart will look just as good on your metal roof.

Trust the Experts

Bearing the previous tips in mind should help you understand how to pick the right metal roof for your house. However, if you are still having difficulty deciding, reach out to a steel roofing professional. An expert’s input goes a long way and will guarantee you have the best option available.

Metal Roof Colour: Know What to Choose
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Metal Roof Colour: Know What to Choose
When it comes to selecting the right colour for your metal roof, the sheer number of options on the market can create a predicament for any property owner.
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