Metal Roof Installation Guide

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If it is time to replace your old roof, you might want to consider installing a metal roof. Metal roofing has become highly popular in commercial and residential roof replacement because it is visually appealing, more durable, and can last much longer than asphalt shingles. With proper care, a metal roof can last at least 50 years or longer. A well installed metal roof also provides better protection against the elements.

Metal roof panels are made of recycled metals including tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, and steel. The panels come in different thicknesses and colours. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of metal roofing material so you should choose one that best meets your budget and home needs.

If you are thinking about installing a metal roof on your home, our metal roof installation guide will help you through each step so you will feel confident that your steel roofing installation is done properly and safely.

Tools Needed

When installing metal roofing, you will need safety tools and materials to install your roof. The safety equipment you will need are:

Work Gloves
Steel Toed Work Boots
A Safety Harness and Accessories
Safety Goggles

The Tools Required to Install Your Metal Roof Include:

Tape Measure
Chalk Line Reel Kit and Chalk
Roofing Adhesives
Patches and Sealants
Power Drill and Set of Drill Bits
Ladder or Scaffolding
Circular Saw, Jig Saw or Power Metal Shears
Screw Gun and Metal Roofing Screws
Claw Hammer
Metal and Wood Roofing Screws
1 ¼ Roofing Nails

Materials Needed

The materials you will need to install your metal roof are:

Closure Strips
Metal Roofing Sheet Panels
Panel Accessories

Choose the Right Roofing

There are a multitude of materials to choose from for your metal roof installation project. Be sure to research all of the available options beforehand to choose the right material for your home, make sure to read our comprehensive metal roofing types blog. Listed below are various options and a short blurb regarding each one.

Sun windows installed in new steel roof
  • Tin: This is the most common and affordable metal roofing choice. The downside is that it creates noise when it rains.
  • Copper: A copper metal roof is the nicest to look at but costs a pretty penny. However, it does withstand extreme weather and fire.
  • Aluminum: This choice is lightweight and rust proof but it does need to be painted often.
  • Steel: Another one to break the bank but be worth the investment.
  • Zinc: This metal roofing choice is not only long-lasting, but it is corrosion-resistant and recyclable

Metal Roofing Installation Difficulties

Metal roofs installation protects your home for years. However, if not done correctly, you can run into issues down the road. There are some difficulties that you need to be aware of when planning how to install your metal roof.

Roof Heating Cables - Metal Roofing Installation

One of the biggest challenges of installing a metal roof is improperly cutting the sheet panels. If your sheet panels are cut too short, the rough edges could be exposed to the elements and rust more quickly. If your roof is not properly protected, you will also risk roof coating failure and potential weather damage, critter and insect infestations, and water leaks.

When measuring your roof, it is important to be precisely measure the length and slope of your roof. Follow the rule of thumb “measure twice, cut once” to ensure you have the exact panel size you need for your metal roof installation.

Metal Roofing Installation by Dream Roof

Skylights, curbs, chimneys, and other penetrations from your roof also add additional challenges when installing a metal roof. When detailing your steel roof installation, these extra features will need to be measured and included in your installation plans. Make sure you have all the dimensions of each fixture measured and outlined accurately before installing any panels or flashing. If the roof has skylights, check the weathertight warranty and engineering requirements before you begin to install the metal roof panels.

Metal Roofing Repair by Dream Roof

If the roof fasteners and clips are not properly fastened when installing the metal roofing, the roof will leak. This could result in water damage inside the walls and under the roofing panels. The most common problem people face when they install a metal roof is over-tightening, under-tightening the fasteners, or placing them off-centre. When installing your metal roof, pay extra attention when fastening the clips and fasteners to make sure they are in properly.

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The biggest challenge many roofers face when installing a metal roof is not taking the time to properly plan their job before they start the work. Metal roof installation is different than installing asphalt shingles so the job needs to be planned in complete detail from start to finish to make sure that it is done right.

Use Caution When Installing Metal Roofing

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When installing a metal roof, it is important to always consider safety and take steps to avoid serious injury. Safety goggles, work gloves, and steel-toed boots should be worn at all times to help prevent cuts to your hands or feet, or debris and other objects getting into your eyes.

A safety harness and other fall prevention gear should be securely anchored down and worn to protect you from falling off the roof.

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Ladders and scaffolding should be sturdy and able to support your weight without shifting or buckling. Make sure your climbing devices are stable and securely placed so you can climb up and down safely without the ladder or scaffold moving or slipping.

Always check to make sure there are no defects or issues with your power tools. Also, heck the roof to make sure there are no hanging wires or branches that could get in your way.

Always keep your work area and the ground around the house clean of debris when installing metal roofing. Loose nails and other sharp debris can puncture the hands or feet. Always keep materials in a designated location or container so you and others do not get hurt.

Metal Roofing Installation – Time Required

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Installing a metal roof can take anywhere from a couple of days to over a week depending on the weather and size of roof. If you are installing a roof on a large home or commercial building, it could take up to seven to ten days or longer.

Weather also plays a role and can affect your steel roof installation timeframe. If it rains or becomes to windy to work safely on top of a building, you will have to wait for the climate to be more accommodating before starting or resuming your metal roof installation.

Metal Roofing Installation Guide – Step by Step

When installing a metal roof, there a many steps you will need to take to make sure the roof is installed properly. Following this metal roofing guide will help to ensure you do not run into any issues installing your metal roof or afterward the metal roofing shingles are in place. To install your metal roof, follow these steps:

Tools for Metal Roof Installation

Measure the Roof

Measure the area and slope of the roof so you know exactly how much supplies you will need to order. After you have measured the total square footage, add an extra 10% to your total materials to cover waste and human error.

When measuring the roof, make sure you take precise measurements of the length and the sloping. Also measure the dimensions of any additions including skylights, chimney, curbs, and other penetrating features. Measuring the entire surface twice will confirm your first numbers to ensure more accuracy.

Order all the materials. Pre-ordering your materials will help you better prepare for the metal roofing installation scheduled date. It will also ensure that the store has enough materials and metal shingles in stock so you can complete the job without unnecessary delays.

Steel Roofing Installation by Dream Roof

Remove Old Roofing and Repair Any Damage

Gather all your materials and tools at the job site so you are prepared to start the steel roofing installation without running into any issues when you start the job.

Remove the old roof. Have a bin or trailer ready to discard all the original roof debris into so it can be taken to the local landfill or recycling depot afterward. Make sure all the nails are removed so you have a clean, smooth surface to work on.

If there is any damage to the existing roofing frame or plywood sheets, make sure any necessary repairs are completed first before installing your new metal roof.

Metal Roof Side Flashing with Sealer

Install Metal Roofing Edging

Install the insulation. Insulation protects your home from heat escaping and water getting in. Generally, one layer of felt insulation should be enough to protect your home, however in areas where climate temperatures are extreme, you might want to add a second layer of insulation before you install your metal roof.

Next, install eave flashing, drip-edges and closure strips. Cover the entire perimeter of your roof to fully protect your home. Use 1 ¼ in galvanized roofing nails to hold the flashing and drip-edges in place. Apply sealant tape one inch from the top of the drip-edge and apply a closure strip over the tape. As part of your steel roof installation, make sure everything is evenly applied and straight to prevent stretching, bare spots and misalignment.

Metal Roof Installation by Dream Roof

Install Metal Panels or Shingles

Before installing your metal roofing panels or shingles, measure and cut your metal panels to the precise measurement so they are the exact size you need to cover the roofing area. Any improperly cut panels will cause problems during and after your metal roof installation job.

When applying panels to your roof, start from the bottom by the eaves and work your way up. Align each metal shingle so that it overlaps with the edging of the bottom metal panel by ½ to ¾ inches. The new panel placement should align squarely with the previously installed metal roof panel.

Each type of metal roofing sheet has instructions on where and how are apart the screws should be place so read and follow the instructions thoroughly. Be careful not to over tighten the metal roofing screws.

Once the metal roof panel is installed, caulk 100% silicone sealant along the underside of the next panel’s short edge. When installing the next panel, the short edge of the new panel should overlap the longer edge of the already laid metal roof shingle.

Follow the same steps to install each metal roof shingle as you work your way up the roof’s surface.

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Install Roof Ventilation

Once the metal roofing installation is complete, you can install your roof vents if you install metal roof panels that require vented closure strips. Follow the same instructions for measuring and cutting the vents to make sure it covers and laps both sides of the whole ridge of your roof. Centre the roof gap equally on both sides along the entire ridge. When installing the roof vents, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure the right vents are attached securely to the roof.

Once installed there should not be any gaps or open spaces between the roof vent and panel ridges. Use wooden roofing screws and sealant tape along the full length of the vent to make sure the steel roof installation is done properly along the entire ridge.

Silicone Sealing Metal Roof

Install Metal Roofing Flashing

Flashing installation is the final step when installing your metal roof. Flashing is the metal trim used to cover all the joints where the metal sheet panels meet on your roof. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching and securing the flashing to your roof joints. Once installed, the flashing will act as an extra layer of protection against the external elements and give your metal roof installation a finished look.

Metal Roof for Home Visually Appealing New Look

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When it is time to replace your old shingles, installing a metal roof will give your home a visually appealing new look while adding more protection from the external elements. Metal roofs are made of recycled metals so not only do they last much longer than asphalt shingles, but they are more eco-friendly as well.

Installing metal roof shingles is different than installing other roofing material so to make sure the job is done right it is better to hire a professional company who is experienced in metal roof installation rather than attempting to do the renovation work yourself. Afterall, a roof is only as good as the installation. A poorly installed roof can cause serious problems later on.

Metal Roof Installation Finished Project by Dream Roof Toronto

At Dream Roof, we are one of the fast growing steel roof installation companies in Toronto. Our team of expert roofers have extensive experience install all metal roofing types and styles. When it comes to safety and quality, our staff are all trained with the latest industry standards so you can feel assured that your metal roof installation will be done right the first time.

We offer competitive, transparent prices on all our metal roof install services. If you are planning to replace your old roof, contact us today for a free estimate.