Our High-End Metal Roof Products

We only use the highest-quality products in all our roof installations. We work with world renowned roof manufacturers to guarantee the best results for your roof.  You can rest assured that your metal roof will last forever because it is made of the toughest, most durable materials available today.

What Makes Our Metal Roofs Exceptional

The quality of our metal roofs is supreme, and it is easy to see why:

Excellent Roofing Materials

Our metal roofs are made of first-class materials. They contain 265g/m² of zinc fortified with aluminum, the two most durable materials that will withstand the test of time. This combination of materials defies elements of rust and deterioration.

To understand how our roofing materials measure up compared to other roofing materials, check out the following table:

Roofing MaterialZinc ComponentQuality
First-class composition220 – 275g/m²High
Second-class composition180 – 220g/m²Medium
Third-class composition120 – 180g/m²Low

Exceptional Roof Coating

Many metal roof providers offer roofs that are coated only on the top, but not ours. Our metal roof coating is superior in that it covers the metal sheets both on the top and the bottom. This double-sided coating protects from corrosion and prevents the colour from fading over time.

The top coat on our roofs is first-class: 35 micrometres thick, and is 10 micrometres thick on the bottom for added protection. Take a look at the classes of metal roof coating:

Top Metal Roof CoatingThicknessQuality
1st-class coating35 micrometreHigh
2nd-class coating30 micrometreMedium-high
3rd-class coating20 micrometreMedium
4th-class coating10 micrometreLow

Low-Profile Roof Design

We offer a wide range of roof designs to fit your needs. Our roofs will add an elegant yet simplistic touch to your property. Their low-profile design is practical and convenient for all seasons. It will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property overall.

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    Our Line of Products

    At Dream Roofs, you have a broad selection of roofs to choose from. With a variety of designs, colours, and styles, you are sure to find the perfect metal roof for you.

    The Classic – Minimalist Roof Design

    This line of metal roof is perfect for Scandinavian houses because it resembles the look of ceramic tiles. This means these roofs combine the sturdiness of steel with a timeless brick-like aesthetic. This genius combination is what truly makes this line of metal roofs an all-time classic. 

    The Cameo – Heritage Roof Design

    The Cameo is a line popular in heritage homes. It is perhaps the most stylish metal roof to install. This roof will definitely add an exquisite touch of taste to your house. The fact that it is also made of first-class European material makes it a true bang for the buck.  

    The Kredo – Mediterranean Roof Design

    The large-profile pattern on the Kredo distinguishes it and significantly increases its strength. The rounded shape of the roof comb draws inspiration from elegant Mediterranean structures. In addition, the soft and smooth lines of the waves make this metal seem ceramic-like which gives it an expensive, luxurious appeal. 

    The Kvinta Plus – Corrugated Roof Design

    The Kvinta Plus will take you to Europe with its beautiful and cozy appearance. What makes this line of metal roofs different from its counterparts is the grooves on the roof. The grooves on the ridge give the roof maximum strength and an elegant look. The Kvinta Plus is made of galvanised steel, making it highly adaptable to heavy pressure.

    The Modern – Contemporary Roof Design

    This modern metal roof makes a fantastic accent to any home. The simplistic lines combined with high-quality composition makes this line a true knockout. Its beautiful design will also blend seamlessly with the natural landscape as well as the architectural style of your house.

    The Quadro Profi – Italian Roof Design

    This Italian-inspired metal roof provides a new level of durability . With an innovative pattern and sturdy roof framework, this line will make your property stand out. elegant yet due to its high profile and innovative pattern. Its geometrical design is meant to bring out the architectural features on your home.

    Our Metal Roofing Advantage

    Metal roof snow defender

    Our competitors’ steel roofs rust and corrode over time. The quality of our supplier’s steel roofs is premium. The roof we installed (brown) has withstood the test of time, while the roof supplied by a third-party (grey) has rusted.

    Rust on metal roof

    What’s interesting is that both layers of this roof were installed around the same time, yet ours has maintained its original state, and the other one has lost its integrity. This goes to show the durability and longevity of our metal roofs compared to our competitor’s.

    Get Your Dream Roof

    When it comes to metal roofing, our offers are the best available on the Canadian market today. We provide a 50-year warranty that covers all roof damages and defects in addition to our utmost dedication and professional attitude in every roof installation project we take on.

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Contact Dream Roof for the roof of your dreams.