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Dream Roof recognizes the need for quality metal roofing in Markham because we keep varying Canadian weather in mind, and we understand the needs of homeowners across the GTA. Our specialty is metal roof installations and roof repair, and we are one of the best companies for roofing with top-rated products and services. For a free quote give us a call at (647) 667-9962.

Our Services

Dream Roof is proud of the Markham metal roofing work we have done for our clients. Our services include:

  • Skylights: Skylight installation is a smart and stylish choice for any home, as it adds a brightness and light that no other window can compare to. We install fixed skylights and manual venting skylights.
  • Tube-Vents: If there is a lot of space between your roof and your ceiling you can still have a skylight! Our tube-vent skylights will let you bring natural light into any corner of your home.
  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing will protect your home from fires, reduce your air conditioning costs, and stand strong for over 50 years. Never worry about your roof again when you hire Toronto’s metal roofing experts to service your home.

We offer many services to our valued clients, click here to learn more!

More About: Skylights

Skylights bring so much natural light into a home that many homeowners are making them integral to their design. Dream Roof performs expert installations in order to add style to your home while saving you money on electricity bills. A skylight is an excellent accompaniment to your Markham metal roof installation.

  • Automatic & Manual Venting Skylights: Automatic venting skylights operate with a remote control, while manual venting skylights are operated with a handle. This gives you greater control over the temperature and the airflow in your space.
  • Fixed Skylights: Fixed skylights consist of a sealed glass pane that is immobile. This leaves the skylight unopenable, but waterproof. This is a great addition to your home as it provides plenty of light when you do not need extra airflow
  • Tube-Vent Skylights: A tube-vent bridges the gap between the skylight in the roof and the opening in your ceiling. This is perfect for homes where the roof and ceiling have considerable distance between them, allowing you to fulfill your skylight dreams.

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With a 55-year warranty and a vast amount of previously pleased homeowners, we are sure you will be pleased with what Dream Roof has to offer you. Our services include Markham metal roofing, roof repair, skylights and tube-vents, and even eavestrough cleaning, because we understand the hassle it can be to get up there. For more information, contact us today for your free quote!