Metal Roofing Whitby

There’s a reason why people in Whitby and the surrounding area turn to Dream Roof for all of their metal roofing needs. You can expect a beautiful, efficient, and professional metal roof installation that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Dream Roof offers a 50-year warranty to ensure that the investment in your new roof truly pays off. Metal roofing in Whitby is made up of a collection of tiles, typically made of recycled materials. They are offered in a number of different colours and styles to meet all design preferences.

Metal Roofing Installation Whitby

Dream Roof offers both installation services and metal roofing supplies in Whitby. We provide and install all types, coatings, designs, and colours of metal roofing.

We work with our customers during the design process to help bring your vision to life while also meeting your budget. You can expect a final product that is not only low maintenance but also customizable and beautiful.

Why Choose Metal Roofing Over Shingles

red brick house shingles replacement with metal roof

When it comes to deciding on a new roof, there are a number of different options to consider. Shingles have traditionally been the preferred roofing material, but metal roofs have recently skyrocketed in popularity.

Both options work great for residential roofs. Metal roofs are no longer the corrugated tin panels associated with old barns and sheds. You can choose between zinc, tin, copper, aluminum, and even galvanized metals along with a wide array of colours and finishes.

Metal Roofing Benefits

  • Long lifespan – a metal roof will last far longer than one made with asphalt shingles. On average, metal roofs last between 40-70 years while asphalt roofs usually last between 12-20 years.
  • Durable – metal roofs are great at withstanding the rigours that mother nature may throw at it. It’s impact resistant and designed to sustain itself against strong winds. Another perk is that they require far less maintenance than other roof materials. That said, it is a good idea to inspect the roof every now and then. 
  • Fire resistant – metal roofs will not spark or ignite during a fire which makes the structure much safer. 
  • Energy efficient – metal roofs reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, so having a metal roof can reduce cooling demand by upwards of ten percent. 
  • Environmentally friendly – as previously stated, metal roofs are made from recycled material. Ranging anywhere from 25-95 percent! Whereas asphalt shingles sit in landfills for decades.

Why Choose Dream Roof

sheet metal roofing installation

With Dream Roof, you can expect the highest quality of metal roofing materials in Whitby. Our licensed and insured contractors will ensure a smooth installation and a gorgeous roof for you to enjoy for many years.

We prioritize safety and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals is on the pulse of current trends and will happily work with our clients throughout the entire process.

Metal Roofing Became Popular In Whitby

steel roofing toronto

Metal roofing has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its longevity, durability, design options, environmental friendliness, and cost savings.

A popular material in Whitby and across Ontario when it comes to metal roofs is steel. For more information on metal roofing options in Whitby, call the professionals at Dream Roof.

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