Metal Roofs Myths Debunked

The use of metal in roofs has been linked with buildings for industrial use and farms for many years, this had made them a less attractive option for homeowners. However, these days metal roofs, are starting to be used more in the residential sector and gaining more popularity every day. Choosing a metal roof has many benefits, thus the attention it has been garnering. Metal roofs are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and look good residential buildings. Despite their popularity, many still have concerns and misunderstandings towards this durable material. So, if you are thinking about getting a metal roof but are concerned about misunderstandings, we are here to inform you that they’re just that: metal roofs myths. In this article, we will prove any metal roofs myth you may believe, wrong:

Metal Roofs Are Loud When It Rains

Metal Roofs Myths Debunked

If you have ever been inside an old barn while it’s pouring rain outside you may have heard how loud the sound of rain on the roof is. While this is true, a home that has a metal roof should not have the same effect when it rains. This is due to the fact that metal roofing on a home is combined with a roof deck, which gives structure and sound insulation to your roof. On every roof, the sound is muffled by the roof deck and the insulation that it is filled by. So, even if it is an asphalt or clay roof, metal roofs are just as silent, if not quieter, than any other equivalent roof type.

Metal Roofs Are Easily Dented by Hail

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Metal roofs are more resilient than asphalt roofs, and while hail may do damage to any roof if it’s large enough, it won’t dent or harm a metal roof unless it’s in the most extreme situations. In fact, metal roofs are so robust, that they’re a superior choice for residential dwellings in many locations where harsh weather occurs. Weather-resistant granules on asphalt roofs are readily pushed off by even tiny hail, tarnishing the look of your roof and reducing its capacity to keep out the elements. Metal roofs, on the other hand, will only be damaged visually by very huge hail, making them a better choice for harsh weather.

Metal Roofs Rust

Rust is a popular Metal Roofs Myth

Metal roofs used to be associated with the aspect of rusting. After all, they used to be simple sheets of pure metal laid down. These days technology has advanced to the point that metal roofs are not pure sheets of metal. These days a metal roof installed is carefully designed and particularly made. Essentially, means they are built to endure harsh weather, which would cause rusting. Metal roofs today are coated with a galvanized layer composed of sophisticated alloys that are resistant to corrosion. They are further treated with a special roofing paint that is also designed to withstand the effects of weathering. This ensures that your metal roof will stay rust-free for decades after it has been installed.

Metal Roofs Will Heat Up My House

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This is an absolutely inaccurate myth. Many asphalt roofs that were commonly used on residential housing absorb UV rays, while metal roofs actually reflect them. Furthermore, metal roofs shed solar heat considerably faster than asphalt roofs, reducing the heat load on your home. When a metal roof is correctly constructed, it will keep a more constant interior temperature, resulting in energy savings. This method saves you up to 40% on your heating and cooling expenses.

Metal Roofs Are Expensive

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If you were to only consider the initial cost of installation, a metal roof is more expensive than an asphalt roof. However, this does not account for the true lifetime cost of any roof choice. Although an asphalt roof may be less expensive upfront, you must factor in the cost of repairs, such as blown-off shingles, curling shingles that expose your property, mold, and rot caused by shingles that deform, and the ultimate re-roofing maintenance and cost that needs to be done every 20 years. A metal roof, on the other hand, is guaranteed to last 40-60 years and requires very little upkeep. There’s no maintenance, no shingles to replace, no leaks to mend; simply solid metal sheets that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. When the lifetime expenses of both asphalt and metal roofs are taken into account, metal roofing comes out on top.

Metal Roofs Are Too Heavy for My Home

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Metal roofs are approximately 50% lighter than conventional asphalt roofs. As a result, metal is the lightest roofing material available. A metal roof is often placed on top of the original roof when a homeowner needs their home re-roofed but does not want to remove their old asphalt roof. As metal roofs are lighter and will retain the roof’s weatherproofing properties without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the house, this is possible to do. If you’ve ever been apprehensive about the structural stability of your roof deck, or if your home is becoming older, a metal roof could be the best solution for you.

Metal Roofs Are Believed to Have a Higher Chance of Being Struck by Lightning

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Although metal as a material is a conductor, it doesn’t get targeted by lightning, in fact, metal roofs are one of the finest roofs to have in the case of a lightning strike. Metalworks securely transfer energy throughout your house structure, and it’s also non-flammable. This implies that if your home is struck by lightning, your metal roof will not burst into flames, which is something that plenty of other materials cannot claim to do.

Metal Roofs Are Outdated

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Metal roofing is currently extremely popular, not only because of its timeless appearance and elegance, but also because of its long-term value in terms of house protection, lowering environmental effects, and its dependable service.

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