Eavestrough Cleaning

Time to clean those eavestroughs? You are in the right place!

When confronted with the need to get the eavestroughs cleaned, most homeowners think of window cleaning companies.

This is a mistake.

Leave the windows to the window cleaners but entrust eavestroughs to the right people for the job – roofing specialists.

It may not take too much skill and just a tall ladder for a tool to scoop some dead leaves from the eavestrough, but this job is far more than just scooping leaves. The eavestrough is a delicate system of water collectors which is an essential part of the roof.

The roof itself is a complex and fairly fragile system as well. It can be harmed by improper treatment. Any child can scoop leaves, but only a roofing specialist will take care of your eavestrough in the proper manner. This means making sure none of the bolts are loose and that no parts of the eavestrough are leaking or deteriorating.

Those little things, if left unnoticed, can cause water to seep from the eavestrough into areas underneath the roof, soaking insulation and damaging internal wood structures, not to mention electric wires.

The many benefits of hiring a professional roofing company to care for eavestrough cleaning include:

  1. We ensure it’s intact and safe. Eavestroughs that are loose or damaged pose a hazard to your property and people in it. Especially when winter comes and the eavestrough is burdened with the added weight of fallen snow and ice.
  2. Stop mould spreading. Mould is a big issue in Canada and if left unchecked, can impact the health and living conditions of all house residents. It can creep over to your windows and into the house, spreading toxic fumes. We can catch it well before it gets a chance to grow dangerous.
  3. Added features and protection. We as roofing experts can offer many additional measures that can make your eavestroughs safer and last longer. Filters and guards that will allow water to collect but keep away large debris, such as branches. It will prevent birds and rodents from building nests in eavestroughs, damaging and blocking the fragile pipes.

There is a lot we can do that goes beyond simple eavestrough cleaning – call us today to find out!