Roof Repair

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All Types of Roof Repairs in Toronto

Metal Roof Flashing Joists Installation

Whatever problem your metal roof is having, you can trust Dream Roof to fix it for you. We are a fast-growing Toronto roof repair contractor and we pride ourselves on making sure we finish the job in a time-efficient and cost-effective way! We offer comprehensive roof repair services for all types of roofs, including shingles repair, flat roof repair, and more. Our services include complete repair and replacement solutions, as well as small-scale repairs for shingles, eavestroughs, downspouts, masonry, and more.

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Roofing Problems and Solutions

Catching a roofing problem at an early stage will help you to avoid costly roof replacement and save money. Have a look at 5 most common roof problems:

Hail metal roof damage

Leaky Roof

Harsh Ontario weather with severe colds and rains can lead to moist getting under the roof panels, causing mold, rot, and even leaks. In that case, we suggest using a proper metal roof coating like a liquid rubber coating to prevent any further metal roof leaks.

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Rust on metal roof

Faulty Roofing Installation

Unfortunately, if you previous roofing contractor did not do his best to install the roof, or used low-quality materials –  it can cause a premature roof wear off.  It is crucial to hire a professional roofing contractor, who is licensed, insured and offers a warranty on a performed job.

Metal Roof Sealing

Improperly Installed Flashing

Flashing are components that seal roof system (vents, pipe, chimney), making it waterproof and weather resistant. However, with time flashing can get loose, causing roof problems. If that is the case, call your roofing company for repair service.

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Uninvited Guests

Toronto is known to be a raccoon city. These cute, but quite dangerous animals often choose to shelter under your roof, often causing damage to your roof. If you spot an uninvited guest hiding under your roof, the best is to call animal control right away.

Gutter maintenance performed by professional

Poor Maintenance

Sometimes something as simple as lack of maintenance can lead to bigger problems. An annual roof cleaning is a must for every homeowner.  Routine inspection, cleaning debris, removing trees branches, cleaning gutters are simple actions to ensure your roof’s longevity.

When your problems are large or complex enough that a simple repair is not enough, a full replacement is your best bet. Our metal roofing installations come with a 50-year warranty.

Dream Roof – Metal Roof Repair Contractor!

Dream roof car metal & steel roofing installation

Dream Roof is passionate about what we do.  Therefore, we always strive to deliver the professional experience and the highest-quality workmanship of any Toronto roof repair job. We are a team of professionals, and our experts are constantly working hard and to keep on the cutting-edge of industry technology and knowledge to make sure you get the best service possible.

With our extensive experience and superior methods in blending new structures and solving pesky reoccurring issues, Dream Roof can save you both money and the frustration that comes with a Toronto roof repair. We take great pride and time in our services because it is our goal to make sure your problem does not come back.

You can reach us by phone at 647-667-9962, or click here to get to our contact page for your free estimate. We will match the price of any competitor and our 50-year warranty guarantees our quality. We look forward to hearing from you!

Roof Maintenance and Repair FAQ’s

  1. How Do You Maintain a New Roof?

    Here are couple of tips to maintain your new roof: trim overhanging branches, from time to time inspect for rust, clean the gutters, inspect for any missing or damaged shingles or roof sealant, clear ice dam formation.

  2. How Often Should You Maintain Your Roof?

    Different types of materials will weather and decay at different rates, it is recommend to self inspect the roof for twice a year. professional inspection should be  every three years for asphalt, composite shingle or wooden shingle. for tile roof it is recommend every 5 years.

  3. Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

    Depends on the damage that has ben done to the roof, if you missing/damaged shingles and if the damage is localized a simple repair will be suffice, if the roof suffered from extensive moisture damage to its layers then you should consider roof replacement.

  4. What Do Roof Inspectors Look For?

    Roof inspectors will be looking for damage caused by debris, leaks, over time wear and tear, organic growth or previous unsuccessful repairs and recently shingle installation.

  5. How Do You Know if Your Roof Is Damaged?

    There are few signs for damaged roof, Shingles that are dark, dirty, wet, curled, cracked, or absent.shingle granules in gutters, Staining on interior ceilings or walls, Blistering or peeling exterior paint.

  6. How Often Should Roof Be Replaced?

    Some Roof materials last longer then the others, average lifespan of a roof:Composition Shingles: 10-20 yearsAsphalt Shingles: 15-30 yearsWood Shingles: 20-25 yearsRubber Roofs: 25-50 yearsMetal Roofs: 50-75 years

  7. How Do You Know if Your Roof Is Sagging?

    If you see sagging areas on your roof , try to lightly prod it with any object to see if it feels soft, wet or bends easily, if sow you will know you have a moisture damage.

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