Skylights or Tube-Vents

Skylights are a big trend in Canada, where every bit of sunlight is precious, especially in the colder time of the year. In fact, many homeowners in the northern provinces see them as a must-have feature.

Unlike a standard wall-set window, the skylight is facing almost directly upward, channeling far more light into the house than any regular window may possibly achieve.

There are four main types of skylights.

  1. Fixed Skylights. The glass pane is sealed, waterproofed and cannot be opened.
  2. Manual Venting Skylights. The glass pane can be opened & lowered by a handle.
  3. Automatic Venting Skylights. Also open, only operated by remote controlled motor.
  4. Tube Vent Skylights. A tube connects the ceiling with the roof, and the glass cannot be opened. An option for when there’s a considerable distance between roof and ceiling.

While there are four types of skylights, there are far more design options of them available. Choose between flat and domed, different types of glass, frame materials and more to create your own perfect luxury skylight for your home.

Why Choose a Roofing Company for Skylights

Some may say a window company is the best to install windows, but it’s not the case for skylights. Installing a window in a wall is far simpler than installing one in a roof, and it takes a roofing specialist to know how to handle this – far more complex – job.

There are risks involved in doing any roof-related work that a window installer may simply not even be aware of. We are.

We know exactly how to make the aperture so that it does not disturb the roof’s main function – keeping away moisture and snow. Your roof is your first and main line of defence against bad weather, and we – as roofing specialists – are here to make sure it remains strong.

It is best to entrust skylight or tube-vent installation to the right professionals, and we are here for you.

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