Skylights and Tube-Vents

Toronto’s Skylight Installation Experts

Skylights are a big trend in Canada, where every bit of sunlight is precious, especially during our unpredictable winters. In fact, many homeowners in both the northern territories and southern provinces see them as a must-have feature. Choosing Toronto’s skylight installation experts is vital to making sure your installation does not cause any future problems. Dream Roof holds a reputation for excellence; we always make sure your final result is waterproofed, sealed, and installed perfectly.

Skylight Options and Advantages

A skylight installation provides a window that points almost directly upwards, which channels far more light into your home than any regular window can ever achieve. There are four types of skylights and each one comes with an array of custom design options. Choose between flat or domed glass, and different types of glass, frame materials and more to create your own perfect luxury skylight for your home. The four main kinds are:

  • Fixed Skylights: The glass pane is sealed, waterproofed, and cannot be opened.
  • Manual Venting Skylights: The glass pane can be opened and lowered by use of a handle.
  • Automatic Venting Skylights: This one can also be opened, but it is operated by a remote-controlled motor.
  • Tube Vent Skylights: This kind cannot be opened, and a tube connects your ceiling to your roof. This is the best option when there is a considerable distance between your roof and your ceiling.

Why Choose a Roofer for Skylight Installation

Although some homeowners will hire window companies to install their skylights, these companies cannot properly take care of your roof. A professional roofing contractor is your best bet to handle this complex project because we know how to prevent roof damage that may lead to leaks, mold, and replacement. Your roof keeps moisture and snow out of your home. It is your first and last line of defense against Toronto’s harsh weather, and Dream Roof has a reputation for excellence.

We pride ourselves on metal roof installations with a 55-year warranty and skylights that you can count on. Everything we do, we do with our clients’ best interests in mind. This is why we are the fastest-growing contractor in the GTA.

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