Standing Seam Metal Roof Guide

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The term ‘metal roofing’ explains the concept of roofing as a whole and explains all the options, products, and choices that homeowners have when it comes to roofing their home. It covers procedures and concepts of metal roofing which also includes metal shingles or tiles used in the process or the exposed fastener roofing system or the standing seam metal roofs. In this article we cover the important concepts you should know about the seam metal roof as it is one of the most popular options for homeowners today.

What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

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If you have been recommended a standing seam metal roofing, you should know what it’s about. It is the type of metal roofing which is a concealed fastener metal panel system. It consists of raised seams and flat area between the two seams. They look like vertical legs that rise above the level of the flat area. Not only is this concept used for roofing systems but is also used for walls and other structures of the house. The defining feature of this roofing style is the faster. Unlike other roofing systems, the fastener is hidden.

Standing Seam Profile Types

There are many different types of standing seams that you can choose from. Here are the descriptions of each of these profiles.

  • Snap-lock Profiles:
    Snap-lock profiles are made of roll-formed panels with two types of specifically shaped edges. These are often referred to as male and female legs. These legs snap together and do not require additional seaming to be installed. These types of profiles are attached to the roof through a clip that connects the seam and fastens the panel below it.
  • Mechanical Lock Profiles:
    Just like snap-lock profiles, mechanical lock profiles are also roll-formed with edges that connect with each other. But these use mechanical seamers to connect these edges together. Mechanical standing seam come in two different variants: Single lock 90-degree seams and double lock 180-degree seams.
  • Batten Panel Profiles:
    If your steel roof or any other metal roof is done using the batten panel roofing system, it will consist of two legs that are roll-formed and then connected to each other through the edges. Once they are connected, a metal cap goes over the legs and that builds the seam. This can be done using the snap on method or a mechanical method. There are many types of semes in these. Common ones include Tee seams and snap caps.
  • Nail Flange or Fastener Flange Profiles:
    Nail flange and fastener flange mean the same thing. It looks similar to a snap-lock panel system. The difference between the two is that there is no clip on the nail flange standing metal seam but instead of that, there is a directly attached fastener between the deck through the male leg of the panel. Once the fasteners are placed, the female leg is snapped over the male leg and the fastener is hidden.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

One of the main benefits of standing seam steel roof or any other metal roof is that there is no fastener between the visible surface. This means that they will not be in contact with deteriorating elements like UV, moisture, wind, and other elements that can weaken the fastener.

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Upon standing seam metal roof installation, you will not find holes in the panels and so your structure stays protected.

This type of metal hides the flashing materials and ensures there is no unruly looker fastener spoiling the aesthetics of your house.

There are many manufacturers who ensure you get only the best quality of metal roofing. This ensures that your roof is not damaged during unruly weather conditions. Ensuring that you use a high quality roofing system is important especially if your area is prone to hurricanes on storms.

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If you have a standing seam metal roofing system, the panels will be able to expand and contract better as they are not pinned to. The easy contracting and expanding is better when slider clips or installed or if you have a snap-lock system. They are also very energy-efficient.

All standing seam metal roofs are more long lasting than other roof types. They also do not require high maintenance. However, as a smart home owner, you should invest in regular professional maintenance of your metal roof.

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Most of these roofings come with a variety of warranties offered by manufacturers so you don’t have to worry about additional maintenance or repair costs. Many manufacturers offer warranties like the weather-tight warranties, to ensure that their roofing will not collapse during high-intensity weathers. In case these fail, you can simply call the manufacturer and they will be responsible for fixing the damage.

Most standing seams are preferred not only because of their durability but also because of their look. They look very modern and go with almost all colour schemes. They come in a variety of colour options that you can choose from.

They are used for both sophisticated and intricate designs and one of the most popular choices of architects when it comes to both residential and commercial roofing.

Disadvantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Compared to other roofing systems, the metal variety comes at a slightly higher cost. However, with the warranty and durability, they are a better investment than low quality or traditional roofing.

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Since standing seam metal roofing is a fairly new concept in the architectural arena, you will not find many qualified contractors who have experience in installing these roofs. You should always go for professionals contractors who have prior experience and know the nuances of that come with these roofs.

Installing a standing seam metal roof is a taxing and complex procedure. This is why a lot of labour is required to ensure that each panel is correctly put and the fastener is used the right way. This also makes it a relatively time-consuming procedure.

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This kind of roofing cannot be done on flat roofing structure.

These kinds of roofings are complicated which makes them harder to repair or replace. Which is why it is important to have a manufacturer’s warranty.

When it comes to standing seam metal roofing, the advantages weigh out the disadvantages and they remain a popular choice. For any of your metal roofing enquiries, call Dream Roof today!