What Time of Year is Best to Replace a Roof?

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When is the best time to replace a roof? It’s a significant investment and a lot of work, so it’s important to choose the right contractor for the job. But even more than that, it’s important to have the work done at the proper time of year. This handy little guide will walk you through the advantages and drawbacks of replacing your roof at various different times throughout the year. Consider factors such as weather, financing, and labor availability. Here are some tips on how to choose the best time of year for your new roof installation!

The Pros and Cons of Fall

Fall is considered one of the better times of the year to get your roof replaced. The weather is starting to cool down and there isn’t much concern in terms of precipitation and it ensures the work will be complete ahead of the winter season.

Another benefit of autumn roof replacement is that since the weather isn’t as hot as the summer months, there will be no bouts of extreme heat that will prevent contractors from working on your roof. This means the amount of days it will take to complete the job should lessen.

Another benefit of fall roof installation is that the shingles will have adequate time to properly seal – meaning the roof will be more than capable of handling the rigors Mother Nature throws its way. It is important to remember that since the fall lends itself to being a good time to replace one’s roof, that schedules get booked up rather quickly so you’ll want to plan well in advance.

Another concern is that as appointment opportunities begin to fill, you might see prices begin to rise. This is why it’s best to plan your roof replacement months in advance.

The Pros and Cons of Winter

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Can I replace my roof in the winter? Yes, but it’s not advised. There are just too many variables that come into play when attempting a winter roof replacement. Besides the potential for snow and ice accumulation, the frigid temperatures can actually affect the roofing materials. It isn’t unheard of for shingles to actually crack and break during the installation process.

The singles will even take a much longer time to meld to each other than during the warmer months. In fact, roofers won’t even be physically capable of installing shingles properly should the temperature dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Another concern is with sealant – the below zero temperature could very well prevent the adhesive from effectively curing.

Don’t forget about tools – you could have a hard time getting battery-operated to function in the extreme cold. Believe it or not – there are some benefits associated with getting your roof replaced in the winter months.

The contractor’s schedule should be wide open so you shouldn’t have any trouble booking an appointment to have your roof serviced. Generally, prices decrease in the off-season and the material should be plentiful.

The Pros and Cons of Spring

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Spring is typically the time of year roof problems begin to reveal themselves. This is due to a few factors – the damage a roof endured during the harsh winter months combined with melting snow and ice, and increased precipitation.

This isn’t a reason to panic – contractors are just beginning to fill their schedules and roofers are rearing to get back out there for another season.

This means labour shortage concerns won’t exist. Another nice thing about getting your roof replaced in the spring time is that there is no concern with damage to material. The shingles will effectively adhere to each other and the adhesives will easily dry properly. When it comes to planning your roof replacement – if you have no problems with your current roof you can wait until spring.

But any leaks or damage will only amplify during the harsh winter months so any pre-existing issues should be addressed in the fall, ahead of the winter months. As requests for roof replacements tend to spike in the spring, you can expect the price tag to climb too.

The Pros and Cons of Summer

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As the days are longest and the weather generally the most predictable, summer is understandably the most popular time to get a roof replaced. You can expect long stretches of hot, dry weather so roofers can work efficiently to complete the installation.

That said, you should aim for earlier in summer if possible. This time of year provides better working conditions than the balmy dog days of summer. The heat and humidity won’t be as intense and the likelihood for storms is far less.

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As early summer is such a sought after time of year for a roof installation, you can expect schedules to be very full and prices to be high. One perk that this intense heat brings is its ability to effectively cure the tar strip on the shingle to conform to the roof properly.

Companies will continue to install roofs through the hottest days of summer, but there are some things to be aware of. High heat can affect the durability of a shingle as the asphalt softens. This increases the likelihood for scuffs as workers walk on the softened material. 

The Best Time to Replace Your Roof is Now!

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As you probably have leaned from this roof installation guide, there is no answer to the question, when does roofing season start? There is no best time to replace a roof in Ontario. All seasons come with benefits and all come with drawbacks.

Replacing a roof in winter means freezing cold temperatures and snowfall, but prices are low and availability high. Summer means likely dry weather for the roof replacement, but schedules will be booked, materials can be limited, and there will be no discounts on prices.

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But roof repair in spring is a popular time. So if you can take anything away from this handy guide, it’s to adequately plan for your roof replacement and allow yourself as much lead time as possible.

Here at Dream Roof, we make the roofing replacement process as easy for the homeowner as possible. Contact our professionals today for all of your roof installation needs.