Add More Natural Light with Skylights

Close-up of skylight in bright designed bathroom

In the long winter months, we all crave a bit more sunlight, or at least a little bit more daylight. We all have that dreaded drab spaces in our homes that could use a bit more light –  a staircase, a master bathroom, a kitchen in your bungalow or that second-floor fun family room. And it is much easier to do than you think. Just add skylights to your roof and brighten up your interior in one easy makeover!

While you might run into some useful advice on how to install skylights as DIY project, the process itself should not be oversimplified. It is important to remember that to install skylight you will need to cut through both roof and the ceiling, and if done wrong, you might potentially disrupt waterproofing of your roof. In certain cases, this task is not even up to window installers, but better left up to your roofing company.

5 Things to Consider when You Have Your Skylights Installed.

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Energy Efficiency

When considering different options for your skylights, energy efficiency is very important. As a rule, the models that will help you to avoid the energy loss in winter and prevent from overheating in summer are certified and marked with energy star. Overall they are about 40% more efficient and will allow you to save in the long run.

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UV Factor

While exposing your interior to beautiful natural light is a great interior design feature that can never be underestimated, along with opening your space up to the natural light you also let in direct sunlight and UV light. By selecting the skylight with the right UV coating for the sun exposure you will avoid ending up with patches of faded flooring, wall paint or furniture that are exposed to the light directly.

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The Skylight Functionality

Do you want it to provide just the light or add some ventilation option and be able to open it as well? The latter option works well for older houses without central air- for that cozy room under the roof that overheats so much in summer. Speak to your roofing contractors about the features both types of skylights have to offer before choosing one.

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The Skylight Size

While it is certainly a beautiful feature in your interior and possibly you would like to go as big as you could – there are practical considerations such as weight and size limitations that have to be determined by professional installers.

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Is it Going to Be on a Flat, or Angled Roof?

It is important to consider the right model of the skylight for the type of your roof – it will determine the roof longevity and waterproofing in the long run.

Adding skylights to your roof will add the value to your house and will create a beautiful inviting light-filled atmosphere in your home, and will make it certainly easier to tolerate those dreadful winter months.

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