All You Need to Know About Metal Roofing

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Thinking about installing a metal roof on your home? It’s becoming a more viable and  economical option for many homeowners. Before metal roofing became more accessible, traditional shingle asphalt roof was the main option for many homeowners. However, they would still have to replace the roof every 10 to 15 years as shingles would go missing or sections would start to rot. Luckily, metal roofing and steel roofing is now widely available, economical and designed to save homeowners a ton of money over a period of decades. 

When you hear the words “metal roof installation” you might automatically think of an industrial structure, but the truth is, there are more stylish metal roof shingles than ever before that emulate the more traditional asphalt shingle and they come in a wide range of colours. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about metal roofs and why it’s the best option for your home.

Metal Roofs Are Becoming More Popular


Nice-looking metal roofing was once only attainable by the super-rich in their high-end homes but that’s not the reality anymore. Improved fabrication processes and wider availability have made metal roofs much more affordable for every homeowner. Approximately 15% of all new roofs installed are metal these days.

Metal Roofs Can Be Installed Over Existing Roofs


One big bonus for metal roofs is that in many cases they can be installed over an existing asphalt shingle roof. Installing metal roofing over shingles saves you the time and money that it requires having to tear off the old asphalt shingles and haul them off to the landfill. Just make sure that your roofing professional knows what they’re doing. If the metal roofing isn’t properly vented or installed using special furring strips, too much moisture could build up between the metal roof and your old roof. Always check your local building codes to make sure this method of roof installation is allowed.

Metal Roofs Do No Attract Lightning


Some people are reluctant to make the switch because they’ve heard that metal roofs are more likely to attract lightning, but this is just a huge misconception with no scientific evidence to back up the claim. In fact, metal roofs aren’t any more likely to get hit by lightning than other roofing materials. And as an added bonus to the argument, the experts point out that if a metal roof is hit by lightning, it’s far less likely to catch on fire than its more combustible counterparts including the asphalt shingle or the wood shake shingle.

Metal Roofs Are Cost-Effective


Homeowners are always trying to save money on maintenance costs, because after all, you’ve got a mortgage and utilities to pay! So, if you know that you’re living in your forever home, a metal roof is probably a worthy investment. While a higher-end traditional asphalt roof may last up to 30 years with a little luck and some very regular maintenance, a metal roof could last 50 years or as much as 70 years! That’s why, despite its more expensive price tag initially, metal roofs are likely to save you big bucks in the long run if you’re planning to live in that house for many decades.

Metal Roofs Are Resistant To Fire, Insects and Rot


Metal roofs are the ultimate solution when it comes to battling the elements and anything else mother nature can cook up. Because of the rising prevalence of wildfires across North America, many people are turning to metal roofs with their built-in flame-resistant properties. In the springtime, people with metal roofs find that the snow melts away much quicker because the metal surface heats up faster than asphalt shingles would. Also, have you had a rotten roof? That’s not an issue for metal roofs that will never develop mould or mildew. Plus, insects like termites, who usually love to munch on traditional roofing materials, will never have an appetite for metal. 

Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient 


If you’re tired of paying sky-high prices for air conditioning in the hot, muggy summers of southern Ontario, a metal roof could be your new best friend. In some studies, metal roofs have been shown to reduce the costs of cooling your home by an average of 15 percent and this has been attributed to metal roofing’s ability to reflect more sunlight than traditional roofing materials. There are even additional coatings you can add to your metal roof to boost energy efficiency even higher. 

Metal Roofs Are Recyclable


If you have an asphalt shingle roof that you’re trying to get rid of, you might cringe when you learn that the majority of those materials are destined for the landfill where they’ll sit forever, having a profound impact on the environment. Alternatively, metal roofs are envrinomentally friendly, being made from recyclable materials. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to replace metal roofs often, but when you do throw it away, you can sleep easy knowing it’s going to be turned into something new.

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