Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Is a leaking roof an emergency? In short, yes. When it comes to a leaking roof, there are a handful of additional problems that can arise should you not act fast and correct the problem. There are a couple of reasons why your roof might be leaking – perhaps the roof was installed improperly, to begin with, maybe a serious storm ripped through and caused the damage; maybe you’ve neglected to do the necessary upkeep, or maybe it’s just old.

Roofs certainly don’t last forever and even a small leak can mean big trouble. Aside from the structural issues associated with water damage, there are numerous health and safety concerns that you need to be mindful of. Find out the damage a leaky roof can cause to your home and the dangers of leaving a leaking roof unattended.

Interior Mold & Mildew Issues

Can a leaking roof cause mold? Absolutely. If you neglect to fix a leaking roof, you can expect mold and mildew to form over time. Mold has the ability to spread across your entire home, and even get into your HVAC system, your air ducts, and even get on your carpet, clothes, and furniture. Black mold is certainly something you will want to watch out for.

Black mold can break down wood, ceiling tiles, and floor and wall coverings. Mold and mildew is also serious trouble for any individuals in the home who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. Mold and mildew is damaging to the home and your health, and exceedingly costly to get rid of. If you’re noticing water entering the home because of a leaking roof, you should get this fixed immediately

Fire Hazard

A leaking roof can let the water reach your electrical wiring, which in turn can short out and lead to a fire. If you come across a leak in your roof, you should first disconnect the electricity to the area in question.

Then, call a professional roof installation company and perhaps even an electrician.

It is always best to err on the side of caution in this instance and ensure your home is safe, rather than risk a potential fire or electrocution.

Wall, Ceiling, or Attic Damage

Water damage from a leaking roof is no laughing matter. If you don’t catch a leaking roof quickly, you risk water damage to two significant areas – the attic (should you have one), and the ceiling. Additionally, you might find water damage reaching rafters, ceiling joists, fascia boards, trim, and wall framing.

Wood can become warped, the paint may darken, and bubbles can form in the ceiling. It is also fair to expect damage to any ceiling-mounted lights or fans. The best thing to do when you notice a leaky roof is to call a roofing company right away to ensure the damage doesn’t get worse.

Higher Utility Bills & Wasted Energy

On top of the expected structural damage, a leaking roof will cause to your ceiling and attic, the leak can end up reaching your insulation. Once your insulation becomes wet, it can take a significant amount of time to dry. The more damage to your insulation, the less it works.

You will have a harder time keeping your house hot in the winter months and cold in the summer months because of the escaping air, and you will also notice higher than normal utility bills. This is a result of the insulation’s R-value (a two-dimensional layer or barrier) dropping to zero. You’ll be using more energy and spending more money.

Compromised Structural Integrity

A leaking roof left untreated over time can even affect your home’s structural integrity. The material used to build your house will start to break down – metal will rust; wood will rot, and your concrete can even crack and flake.

Water can even penetrate your home’s foundation and make it unstable. You should address a leaking roof right away!

Small leaks can be fixed with a little work from the handy homeowner, but if you’re dealing with anything major, you’ll want to consult a roofing professional.

Slipping Hazard & Other Health & Safety Concerns

Water puddles can form on your floor when a leaking roof is left unattended. Your family’s safety is at risk as people walking by could potentially slip on the floor and injure themselves.

Using a bucket to catch the drip is a good quick fix, but the potential for greater damage is significant, so you’ll want to call a roofing professional today to assess the damage and recommend the next steps.

The health risks associated with mold and mildew growth because of moisture build-up in the home should not be overlooked. They can lead to numerous medical issues such as nasal congestion, rhinitis, inflammation, and even asthma.

Who To Call for a Leaking Roof Emergency? 

Is a leaking roof dangerous? You bet it is. The dangers associated with leaky roof problems are all-encompassing and will most definitely worsen when left untreated over time. Whether it’s the subsequent damage that’s caused to your home by the water entering the house; the health and safety risks; fire hazards; or higher utility bills and wasted energy – there is nothing good when it comes to leaking roof damage.

If you notice water entering your home and suspect a leak in the roof is to blame, reach out to the experts at Dream Roof for their professional roofing services today. Our team is the best metal roofing company and has been for over 20 years. For any other roof-related repair or installation services, Dream Roof is here to help!